Soon after I graduated from high school, I realized I had some health problems. I thought they could have been easily remedied with therapies, drugs, or by changing my diet.

At the age of 21, I found out my issues were serious and I was dealing with chronic fatigue, brain fog, depression, anxiety and learned helplessness and a generally destabilized organism, involving subclinical hypothyroidism and various systemic inflammatory processes.

Shortly after that I realized that I was not able to continue my activities and that I had to focus on getting better. I was not able to do any kind of work or other activity. My health situation was progressively degenerating, and the symptoms were intensifying.

I saw many doctors and many other professional practioners in order to try to get relief from my symptoms. Each time was a disappointment, the therapies were generally useless or sometimes worse than useless. So, I lost faith in the medical establishment and realized I couldn’t outsource my health anymore.

During this time, I became convinced there was a lot of pervasive medical ignorance about degenerative issues and syndromes like chronic fatigue and hypothyroidism. So, over the next few years, I spent most of my time researching the cause of and solution to my sharply declining health.

I made a lot of mistakes and wasted a good deal of money on things that didn’t work—at least not substantially. I tried various dietary approaches including paleo, primal, Bulletproof and many more. I literally spent thousands of dollars on supplements that also failed to reverse my health issues.

In 2012 I discovered Ray Peat’s work through a friend who suggested that I read his articles. Raymond Peat, PhD, is a biologist hailing from Eugene, Oregon. His work started in the late 50s focusing on various issues: aging, hormones, metabolic rate, thyroid, radiation, nutrition, and even consciousness and culture.

In the first few months approaching his work, I was skeptical, since many of his ideas are counter-intuitive and constitute a complete break with many of the things I believed back then.

However, since then, my focus has been to understand, interpret and apply his work to my life. The central idea is that the degenerative processes are caused by defects in our environment. Consequently,  if we can remove them as far as practicable, our degenerative conditions will improve or even disappear.

This website will be heavily inspired by his work. I will be sharing my experiences, things that I have learned and some I have found to be useful in dealing with some common problems people encounter.

When I try to solve a problem, I ask many questions. I believe that when we find answers we can be changed permanently.

There are various environmental components that affect health. I have identified light, nutrition, climate, culture and interactions, meaningfulness, stress and wholeness as important factors.

In early 2017, I decided to spend some time in Mexico, to increase the chances of feeling better and improving my condition. The altitude of various places in Mexico, the different culture and the climate are important changes. Culture is an important part of stress and I’ve found that a break in the routine cultural pattern is important to the organism.

I’m trying to develop my best potential, and studying various issues and subjects that capture my interest.

Since chronic fatigue has been my worst health issue, and the fact that intracellular fatigue overlaps with hypothyroidism and a defective metabolism, I decided to name the website after it. I think that any approach to recovery from fatigue would be useful in treating all the degenerative conditions (cancer, obesity, diabetes, skin problems and hypothyroidism in general) and prevent aging as far as practicable.